Me Versus the Evil Dead

I’m getting ready to leave for work. I must hurry. However, I had a dream last night that I felt I should pen before the details leave me mind.

I was making a movie. A horror movie. My fellow cast members and I were headed to the University of Arkansas campus for filming with our boss, the director and fellow actor, Bruce Campbell.

We were all having a grand time and I was interested in some guy in the movie not to mention sporting a giant crush on Mr. Campbell. For some reason a half dozen of us were crammed into the car that Bruce was driving around, a brand new BMW with a huge open moon roof. He pulled right up to campus and put the car in park, ignoring the no parking sign. Everyone got out and started talking while Bruce marched off “to take care of a few things”. Eventually everyone wandered off and left me alone, sitting in the backseat of the car.

Some time passed and I looked up to see two campus policemen a hundred yards away eye-balling the car and commenting how some people with their fancy BMW cars think they can park anywhere and do whatever they want. I knew the shit was about to hit the fan. I tried to look away. Two other patrolmen intercepted the car first, a female officer and her young companion. She came over to the car and said, “hey, you better move your car because they are coming over to give you a ticket”. I replied, “it isn’t my car, can I still move it?”

At this point the other officers had arrived and have joined the conversation and so I tell them who owns the car and what we are all doing there on campus and that I was left alone. They agree to let me go retrieve Bruce to avoid a ticket.

Making my way across campus I end up in the basement of one of the buildings, perhaps the student union. The basement was dimly lit and very industrial. A few people moved about and some undergrad dude started hitting on me. I killed those interests quickly. Someone from our cast showed up and tried to lead me down one hall to get out of there but I refused. “This place looks like a place to find Freddy Kruger”, I replied. Turning around I was following a short, old man down a different hall, but he turned around screamed a roar at me, his face zombified and green. His head looked like the green witch mask from Halloween III, the Season of the Witch. I retreated and ended up outside on campus with more of our cast which included Susan Lucci. We all chatted and I confessed my interest in a fellow cast member and my undying crush on our boss, Bruce Campbell. Others joined in with who they were interested in and finally the group broke up again.

Later, myself and another came across Susan Lucci sitting on a bench. Her blouse was unbuttoned to her waist and it was tied up in a bow revealing her tummy. Her legs were crossed and she was now wearing a shirt mini, flirting with every guy around. We then knew Susan Lucci was going after all the guys we said we were interested in.

I ended up in a house on the edge of campus. A tall pretty girl with long blonde hair had joined our group. I began telling her the story of the entire day and my love for Bruce Campbell when she replies “that’s my dad”. OMG. I repeated over and over my embarrassment and apologies for the story and my crush confession. As she was telling me that it was all okay, we heard a noise outside and walking to the window were shocked to see Bruce intimately walking with Susan Lucci. I had lost. She had done it. Susan Lucci stole Bruce from me. A total Erica Kane move. That’s when I woke up.


Okay, I am typing this on my phone as Mr Haunt My Town drives us to work. I’ll have to review and edit later on the laptop at home.

PS I never expected Bruce Campbell to be a BMW man. More of a mustang girl myself
Pss do real Zombies lurk in the basements of the University of Arkansas?

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