Product Review: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day ACORN SPICE scent

Today I wanted to give a quick review of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day fall scent: ACORN SPICE.

Mrs. Meyer’s Acorn Spice

My brain has been on Halloween and fall for a while now. As I am nearly down to one bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Pumpkin hands soap, I started poking around online for options. I ended up on the Mrs. Meyer’s website. Always looking for a bargain, I compared product and prices with other online stores where I shop. In the end, I purchased several different products of the Acorn Spice fall scent directly from their website. They arrived two days ago!

Eager to try another “fall” type scent, I purchased these now, in July, so that I could be prepared for fall. My favorite fall scent from Mrs. Meyer’s is PUMPKIN. However, for whatever reason, I cannot find M.M. Pumpkin scent anywhere except for a couple of products that I do not need. Although both of these scents are listed as “Limited Edition Scent”, I was really hoping that Pumpkin would become a mainstay. Their Pumpkin scent is one of the only pumpkin scents of ANY product we’ve ever purchased that we felt really got it right. We loved it so much that after my first hand soap arrived, I went online and purchased Pumpkin in many more of the M.M. product line.

Disappointed that I was unable to find what I needed in Pumpkin, I decided to see what else might be offered of a similar vein. I had previously tried Apple Cider, but was disappointed. I kept searching. That’s when I saw ACORN SPICE. The reviews were great. Let’s talk about reviews briefly.

I’ve recently become frustrated in the past year with websites who want you to post reviews for their products, but then only post 5 star reviews. Of course, they don’t tell you that. So, you spend time creating an honest review only to find it never posts, regardless of how many times you submit it, even from different e-mail addresses, including your account e-mail which shows you are a verified buyer. And, they won’t respond as to why your review will not post. Extremely frustrating. At that point you realize the reviews on their site are inflated. Essentially the same as “stuffing the ballot box”. One comment on a website where folks were reporting a problem with a particular company said, “It’s their website, if they don’t want to post negative reviews, that’s their right”. True. However, I have much more respect and confidence in a company and their products if they post nearly every review. Realizing that there are a few nut jobs out there who post negativity that isn’t grounded. I would rather see a 2-star review where the company reached out to “make it right” in some way, then to only read glowing 5-star reviews. Always look for specific information mentioning the product name. A one or two sentence review that is so general you aren’t even sure what they are reviewing should throw a red flag. Especially when it comes to scents and flavors, there must be diversity. Different people appreciate different scents. One person could love it; another hate it. Therefore you should see diversity in the reviews. Be suspicious. Be very suspicious.

That being said. The reviews for Acorn Spice are glowing. There were three reviews that were not 5 star. A 1, 3 and 4. M.M. addressed resolution with the 1 star reviewer. Key words from all were: men’s cologne and strong. Some of the reviewers mentioned their two fall favs of Acorn Spice and Apple Cider.

M.M. describes the new scent as, “Acorn Spice blends the rich, nutty scent of acorn with cinnamon and spices for a perfect air of autumn comfort.”

Based on the reviews and my never ending search of fall and Halloween scented anything, particularly natural products, I purchased hand soap, dish soap, room spray, and multi-surface cleaner. Some of it was priced as a “bundle”. The dish soap was my least desired as a product because M.M. Basil (one of my absolute favorite scents) dish soap is so strongly “perfumy” that we don’t use it to wash anything that comes in contact with food or beverage. I don’t like to throw things out, so I use it to scrub the patio floor and wash out the hand vac and vacuum cleaner components.

M.M. Acorn Spice scented products on my kitchen window sill

So, what’s the poop scoop? Let’s get on with it! Well, ACORN SPICE is a decent scent. However, both my husband and I were disappointed. It is not as fall or woodsy/earthy as I was hoping. I washed my hands with it several times before he got home. Each time trying to breathe it in. Become one with the Acorn Spice. After he got home from work, I asked him to smell it and wash his hands. His first reaction was “perfumy” followed by “a little bit of fall”. I guess because it appears they will not continue Pumpkin, I was hoping there would be more crossover of the two scents. Thus far we have used the hand soap for two days. It does NOT leave me dreaming of Halloween like Pumpkin does. Luckily, I have one more new, unopened Pumpkin hand soap left from my 2020 hoarding.

This morning I used the Acorn Spice multi-surface cleaner to scrub all the washable components of my rechargeable hand vac. It smelled like dirty feet. The vac, not the Acorn Spice. Now, all is scrubbed clean and drying in front of a fan. I went upstairs to shower, and when I returned downstairs, the air was filled with Acorn Spice. It isn’t bad at all. A pleasant scent. I would not get rid of it or return it. Acorn Spice is just not the end all, beat all, fall scent I was hoping it would be.

Would I purchase Acorn Spice scent again? Only if A) it was on sale B) they never brought back Pumpkin

You may LOVE it! Check out all the M.M. Acorn Spice products!

I really hope they bring back Pumpkin in all products. If you like Pumpkin or want to try it, I believe you can find it in a one or two products on the internet. But you better hurry as stock is limited. Whomever put Pumpkin scent together deserves a raise, a hug or at least a high-five, provided they are fully vaccinated, of course.

Stay spooky my fiends!

@hauntmytown copyright Haunt My Town 2021

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Book Review: RED DENNIS by Eric Shapiro

Red Dennis, a book written by Eric Shapiro
Red Dennis, a fictional, yet wickedly timely piece by author Eric Shapiro

Last night I finished reading a recent acquisition: Red Dennis by author Eric Shapiro. I read the book over the course of a week, not because I needed to, but because I tend to read for a half hour or more each night before falling to sleep.

I really didn’t want to put the book down; however, reading it little by little made me feel as if I were more a part of the story. Living it, you might say. And what living there was.

A few days into the book, I became as paranoid as Red Dennis, himself. The book seemed to be put into my hands by higher powers, watchful powers, powers that know me, better than I know myself. My God, I felt too close to Dennis Fordham, a.k.a. Red Dennis.

Right from the beginning, Mr. Shapiro had my attention. I don’t recollect reading another book with such overtones of “sexual pleasuring”. Red Dennis definitely needed an outlet. As sometimes happens in life, when one thing after another seems to go wrong, when the proverbial shit hits the fan, when you feel so cornered that you become desperate, the mind begins to race in the wrong direction.

To top off my personal experience, much like Red Dennis, I’d been having reactions to anxiety and stress that had left me with considerable skin itching for several weeks. As I read the book, Red Dennis was itching, I was itching, he was popping Benedryl, I was popping Benydryl and anti-stress meds. He was waking up in the middle of the night, as was I. Unable to sleep without further product consumption.

I began to bond with Red Dennis. The politics and social drama of life having beaten me down over the past year. Underneath it all was a fellow who wanted to succeed, to be admired, to be reflected upon as a guy who seized life by the balls, but was pushed to the point of insanity. We are surrounded by those people every day. Sometimes “those people” are merely the one we see in the mirror each morning. If you think the inner workings of Red Dennis’s brain were sick and evil, just reflect upon the last time you stood in line at the grocery surrounded by fools refusing to wear their COVID-19 mask, or worse yet, purposefully wearing it the wrong way, in defiance. Or maybe it was the complete lack of social distancing, mask wearing, and sarcastic humor while you quietly and patiently waited in line to vote, mask on, six feet from the person in front of you. Snap! The challenge for everyone who finds themselves in the dark abyss is being to swim out of the rip tide and make it back to shore before being swept under permanently.

Red Dennis is timely. It pushes your buttons as it takes you to the edge and back. Truths are revealed in a tale that will hopefully help you scratch your own itch, before it is too late. I hope you, too, will enjoy this sick and psychotic fictional work of twists & ironies.

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Tips for Enjoying a Magical Hallowe’en Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

100 Days Til Halloween

100 Days Til Halloween

Greetings Halloween Fiends!

Here we are at the glorious day 100!! 100 days until Halloween. If you haven’t felt the internal frenzy yet, you probably will soon.

I’ve been seeing posts on Twitter about cancelling Halloween. First, let’s be clear: NO ONE can cancel Halloween.  While it is possible that large parties or parades may not and should not happen and that large trick-or-treat gatherings of children such as “Mall-O-Ween” or crowded parking lot “Trunk-or-Treat” may be cancelled, Halloween in and of itself will go on, as always.  No one can cancel your birthday.  No one can cancel Christmas. No one can cancel Halloween.

Hallowe’en (Hallows’ Evening, All Hallows’ Eve) is a richly historic, seasonal celebration that allows reflection of the past year with a look to the future and upcoming winter season of solitude.  It is a time to connect spiritually with ancestors while the veil is thin, to celebrate the harvest (sometimes with competitions such as those at the county fair), to rejoice in surviving another hot and humid summer (for many of us), and to rekindle friendships with mid-autumnal gatherings and breaking bread.

Seasonal activities such as pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted trails, and home haunting displays can and should be done safely to ensure reduced exposure to the COVID-19 virus. On-site food and beverage consumption may need to be eliminated so as not to encourage mask removal. Where space allows, outdoor seating areas can provide safe relaxation/mask removal opportunities.  Make it a fun seated space by having a few hay and straw bales (in lieu of tables) scattered in groups, so that social distancing is established. Encourage folks to bring their own blanket to place out in pre-marked, properly spaced grassy areas around the activity grounds. Invite them to bring their own snacks. Increase distances between designated parking spaces and hire a parking attendant. Have seasonal Halloween-themed party music playing to add to the ambiance, reduce stress and lift spirits.  If restrooms or portable toilets are offered, they will need be sanitized several times daily. Hand-washing (mobile sinks) and sanitizer stations are available as rentals and should be provided near restrooms. Eliminating onsite food and beverage will reduce the need for toilets.

Limiting the number of guests in an area, requiring proper face coverings/masks, offering hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations, and utilizing good entrances and exits to direct and control traffic can be used for COVID-19 safety. Look to larger organizations such as Universal Studios and the Disney resorts and properties for what has/hasn’t/is/isn’t working. Using something similar to “boarding groups” or “return times” so that guests know when they will be safely welcomed can reduce bottle-necking, anxiety, and help enforce the six-foot distance and crowd gathering maximums (differs from state to state/city to city). Wrist bands in colors designating specified activity time can encourage folks to get in and out within their specified time, rather than allowing guests to mingle for hours. Of course, the placement of multiple signs stating mask requirement and social distancing recommendations will be needed and the message must be clearly stated.

Indoor activities, such as enclosed haunted houses, and hay rides may be the trickiest Halloween events to be successful in a COVID-19 Halloween. Breathing the air from hundreds of people shuffling through small spaces for hours a night, for several weeks, will be difficult to manage.  Limiting daily tickets sales, extending hours and days of operations, increasing the time between guest admission, and requiring face masks may not be enough?  Would installing air purifiers throughout the haunt and spraying air disinfectants every half hour work against a highly contagious virus? Many hay ride attractions sell tickets to fill each wagon to capacity before the next one is loaded. But sitting shoulder to shoulder, even in an outdoor ride-through attraction may be too close. So, for this to work, limits such as six people or one family group per wagon may need implementation. Face masks would still be needed, of course. At this point, there are no easy answers to fit every Halloween situation.

Modern, American Halloween is also a time for trick-or-treat for children and adult costume parties. While parties this year may be taboo, if not irresponsible, trick-or-treating is certainly doable.  Here are tips for making trick-or-treating possible with social distancing and safety:

For those who will go trick-or-treating:

Opt for your local neighborhood for trick-or-treating versus any organized event where crowds will gather. This is my preference anyway.  Rather than loading up your kids and leaving your neighborhood to drive to a “high income” neighborhood with expensive, spectacular displays and full-sized chocolate bars, walk your own neighborhood. Walking your neighborhood allows for friendly communication with those who live nearby.  You can take time to converse with the children, get exercise, take photos, and compliment your neighbor’s decorating efforts. If you have a buggy or wagon, decorate it and add battery-operated lights to make your own festive show.  If you approach a house with a lot of children at the door, hold back. Take turns.

If you live in a rural area where you must drive to take the kids trick-or-treating, visit those who have left a porch light on and placed a glowing jack-o-lantern out front.  Wouldn’t it warm their hearts for you to stop? For some people, trick-or-treat night is the only time they get visitors. So, if you have passed their home in previous years because you needed to “get on to the neighborhood where your kids get the most bang for their buck”, why not consider stopping this year.

Now, with some homes in highly prized neighborhoods receiving three to five hundred or more kids a night, trick-or-treat becomes more like herding cattle through a chute. Next! This is what you want to avoid: long lines, crowds of people, and “party” atmospheres of groups. For a lot of people, trick-or-treating has become a night of quantity versus quality and that is not necessarily a good thing.

Avoid Doorbell-ringing. Instruct your children to avoid doorbells. If no one is at the door, then knock. Shouting TRICK-OR-TREAT can also work to alert homeowners of their arrival.  The goal is to avoid touching anything.

Social Distancing. Be aware of others waiting to receive treats. Wait, patiently, at distances approved for your community. Don’t crowd the folks at the door. Be respectful. Keep face masks on.  Move from the door (or treat station) and out of the way after exchanging greetings/thank-yous, so that the next in line can move forward. If folks are waiting in line, don’t be a line-cutter.  If you approach a home, and you see the homeowner is greeting children without a face mask or social distancing, perhaps move on to the next home.  Use waiting time to have fun discussions about the evenings happenings and take photos and video of the children with the spooky decorations you are sure to find.  The I-SPY (I spy with my little eye) game is a quick, fun little game that can be played while waiting and teaches children observation skills.

Accompany Children if Necessary. It is common, after a certain age, children go out trick-or-treating without adult supervision or in groups of friends. Perhaps the adults wait down the road, at a distance a few houses away, or at the curb in a car. If you feel your child will not be able to keep their mask on or adhere to social distancing, consider tagging along with them, at least until you are comfortable that they understand the safety measures.

Don’t Forget to Take Along: Be sure to take face masks (an extra one or two in case of emergency), hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, facial tissues, and your own beverages and snacks. Reduce trick-or-treating time to avoid needing a potty break at a public restroom (Another advantage to staying closer to home for your night of treat collecting). If you are “walking” the neighborhood, consider a backpack to hold hand sanitizer, tissue, and a bottle of water so that the hands are free for treat buckets, cameras, and flashlights.  Headlamps are great way to provide light for safety, while operating hands-free, providing the lamps are not blinding on-coming traffic. Avoid touching anything that isn’t necessary.

For those who will hand out treats:

Plan out an Entrance and Exit.  Much like Disney World moving people into attraction cues, plan an entrance and a designated exit so that children and parents move through in one direction. You can even place X’s on the sidewalk or ground with something like chalk, duct tape, or spray paint so that 6′ social distancing is practiced. Consider adding fun Halloween props as photo opportunities for “selfies” where guests may be waiting.

Avoid Doorbell-ringing. If at all possible, be ready to greet trick-or-treaters as they arrive or encourage knocking. Otherwise, sanitize the doorbell between children/groups of children.

Choose Wrapped Treats.  Traditionally, I am a fan of offering fruit and home-baked goods such as caramel or candied apples, pumpkin cookies, popcorn balls, etc. versus only store-bought, processed treats filled with preservatives, sodium, and high fructose corn syrup. However, this is a circumstance where you want things to have been created in what you hope to be the most sanitized, food safety (HAACP), equipment-produced conditions. And you don’t want dirty little fingers to have pawed their way through the treats that are not sealed before the next children arrive. If you do make your own, be sure to wrap them tightly and have them displayed so they are easy for the children to collect.

Offer Non-edibles. Non-edibles can likely be sanitized once the children have returned home.  Options include pencils, wrapped tattoos, erasers, necklace lights, noise makers, stickers, jewelry (such as spider rings), packets of pumpkin seeds. At least give children a choice. This is really nice for those who are on restricted diets such as diabetics and vegans.

Place Treats in a Self-Serve Container. So that you may sit or stand at least 6′ away from trick-or-treaters, place treats in a bucket, decorated bowl, plastic cauldron, blow-up coffin, or on a short table (good for wrapped homemade treats such as cookies) six feet away from where you will be. The interaction between the homeowner and trick-or-treater is important, so consider sitting on your porch, in your open garage, on your carport or near the sidewalk, so that you can see and greet the trick-or-treaters, listen to their battle cry (Trick-or-Treat!) and “thank you”, and wave them on their merry, spooking way. If you insist on handing them their treat (understandable), consider wearing gloves and of course, wear a face mask! There are a ton of Halloween-themed face mask coverings available.

Display a liquid hand-sanitizer and sanitizing wipes dispenser near the treat bucket. Even if no one uses them, they will be noticed and appreciated.  The offering says “I respect you and I’m glad you are here”.

Dress Up! If you normally host or attend a Halloween party each year, and are fearing you won’t be able to don an impressive costume and immerse yourself in some other persona for the evening, consider dressing up to greet trick-or-treaters. This is not a new practice by any means. A lot of folks do this not only for the amusement of others, but for themselves too. Look who’s a big kid now? Dressing up is FUN!

Lastly, if you or your children are under the weather or too stressed about catching the virus, stay home! There a lot of fun ways to celebrate Halloween at home.  Spooky cartoons, movies, and television programs are great fun. Make caramelized popcorn, candied apples, hot apple cider, pumpkin bread, and have a spooky cookie-decorating competition.  Play Halloween music, carve jack-o-lanterns and roast their seeds for snacks. Tell ghost stories to one another. Play hide and seek in a darkened house while spooky sounds play on the stereo.  Roast marshmallows around a fire pit or backyard bonfire.  Walk around outside at dusk and look for flying bats and listen for hooting owls or yipping coyotes. Create a Halloween scavenger hunt around your home or property. Put on costumes and reminisce with tales of Halloween past with grandparents or aunts and uncles via Zoom. Drive around and go “Halloween” decoration lookin’ (like we do for Christmas light season). Lastly, and especially for Halloween 2020, set up a telescope and view the full October moon on the 31st.

As you can see, with a little crowd control, it can be very easy to have “no touch”/”no contact” trick-or-treating in a 2020 COVID-19 Halloween year.  A little safety preparation, respect and love for one another, and patience will ensure a happy night for all. But even if you are staying home, there is still much Halloween mayhem to be had.

Though the seasonal celebrations this year may be different, altered or subdued, it will be Halloween, nonetheless. It will be our Halloween and no one can take that away.

Stay spooky my fiends!

copyright 2020 Haunt My Town   @hauntmytown

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Some of My Favorite Halloween Decor Out Now in Stores 2019

Greetings ghouls!
Yesterday Mr. Haunt My Town and I were out and about checking around for any Halloween that is hitting the shelves.

With an anticipated surgery coming up on Wednesday, I could think of no better way to relax than to become absorbed in the Halloween aisles of a few stores.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I really wish the wolves were plug-in electric, rather than battery operated. Their howl was great. I wonder if anyone who has these will experience anything unusual with their dogs or cats? These props would be great in a cemetery, pet cemetery, or perched near a porch for Halloween (or anytime?).

I was really tempted by the palm reader selections out this year. More than one store has this theme. It would go great in our Haunted Mansion-themed dining room. Perhaps I’ll catch a sale if any remain later in the season?

Specimen jars are a great decor addition. Many of us who are serious about Halloween have been making our own fake jars for years, but now the mass marketing sector has caught on! I’m having surgery this week and pondered getting my parts to go so I could really “one-up” these jars. hee hee hee

Finally, Halloween meets Horticulture in a timeless piece to be added to any gardener’s Halloween decorations. Just looking at it, I keep hearing “Feed me Seymour!!!”.

I love the simplicity of this haunted Halloween scene in muted colors. Great for displaying on your desk, an entryway table, receptionist desk, or a check-out counter. Perhaps even placed on the side table where folks add condiments and lids to their mugs of coffee, cocoa and hot tea. Throw in an extra strand of tiny LED fairy lights in orange or purple for added effect.

Similar to the scene above, this Halloween scene is part of the Martha Stewart Collection. I love  the shadow box effect on the part below, but I’m not wild about the two pieces combined. Individually, I think they are cool. But I mostly love the black and white bottom section.

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. It was hard to resist Jack Skellington and his little buddy Zero, but somehow I did resist the Nightmare Before Christmas.

I was nearly blown over with excitement when I entered the Halloween aisle at Michael’s to find a wide assortment of “vintage style” Halloween decor. Glitter really isn’t my thing (and isn’t glitter “bad” now?), however, the styles were amazing.

Popping into Books a Million, we were excited to see an entire table devoted to SCARY STORIES, although it wasn’t labeled as Halloween. Mr. Haunt My Town just told me about the upcoming Scary Stories movie this past week.

Say what? I am putting this book on my future buy list. Horticulture meets spooky, again, today. The Night Gardener!

My Halloween heart fell in love with these two pieces as soon as I saw them. To find out which one I purchased, look for an upcoming blog post.

One of these things is not like the other. That’s because we now own one of them. Guess which one? Check out my next blog post for new purchases.

This sounds like the theme of  Halloween ball I’d like to attend!  Would also make a nice theme for a Halloween barn dance too. Ideas? Any takers? Going once. Going twice. Going to the party!

I hope you too are having as much fun as we are checking out the Halloween aisles of your favorite retailers. And for some, all of this decor will sprout ideas for future Halloween DIY projects. If that’s you, Good Luck and Have Fun!


Yours in gloomy darkness,

Haunt My Town


copyright 2019 Haunt My Town @hauntmytown

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Book Reading/Review: Death Makes a Holiday by David J. Skal

I enjoy reading. I read a lot. This is a gift given to my siblings and me from my parents. They were always reading. We were always reading. Maybe not as much as let’s say, Brick Heck, from ABCs Modern Family (that’s a photo of Brick below). But still…

At any given time I am reading several different kinds of books: typically about Horticulture, the Environment, National Parks, and Halloween.

Featured here is a newly acquired book on Halloween. I purchased this one second-hand from St. Vincent Books on Written by David J. Skal, the book is about the cultural history of Halloween. I can’t wait to dig in! Mr. Skal has another book on Halloween which I hope to acquire when the funds are available. At any time that I have been sent a book to read and review by the author, I will let you know. Otherwise, each book is one that I purchased or was given by a relative or friend.

I don’t mind reading second-hand books. Yard sales, flea markets, library book sales, gifts from a friend, found in a dumpster (and gifted to me), on sale, on clearance, and then sometimes, yes, full price for a new copy, books all find their way into my small hands.

I will be updating this post when I have finished the book. So stay tuned! Sign up for blog notices (don’t worry I don’t post very often so I won’t be filling up your inbox). Follow me on Twitter and share with your friends. The link to our social media including the Facebook Fan Page is at the top of the website. Our Twitter feed should automatically show up in FB, but sometimes I find it does not post everything.

For the last year or two my Halloween reading has slowed as I am working on my own book and I do not like to be affected by others work for fear of copying ideas or having them influence me. However, we all know, as artists, musicians, authors, we are always influenced by other artists and as artists we build on one another and build each other up.

And, yes, that’s right, I’m still working on my own book. So more news on that later! Connect with us to find out updates about my Halloween book.

Stay Fiendish My Fiends!
Haunt My Town

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August Halloween Inspired Flea Market Finds

Last minute stop at a few flea markets on the way home threw some Halloween-inspired items my way.


Sometimes you have to look closely to find Halloween inspiration, but once you get started, you can find Halloween in all sorts of objects. Some need some repair work, re-touching, re-purposing, etc. But when your eyes adjust, you can find Halloween in any booth or corner.


These necklaces were super cool and some were Halloween or horror inspired! Re-purposed images in many cases. Some of the jewelry pieces were metal, some plastic, a great way to add spooky flair to any outfit.


Zak Bagans of the Ghost Adventures program would surely find this doll creepy, as would many.  Dolls in trunks even spookier. I have several upstairs in my guest bedroom.


Any fan of Bruce Campbell and The Evil Dead knows that this deer can be very creepy. You know the minute the sun goes down the mounted deer moves its head, laughs hysterically, and talks. Add some fake eyeballs, vampire teeth, fake blood. Of course, these are expensive! So you need to have some serious cash flow to convert a piece like this just for Halloween. Sadly, that means I’ll probably never have one of these props in my collection. Want to donate one to me? (yes, that is run together purposefully to reduce email trolls).


I have no room for a daybed, but this would be PERFECT if you added some Disney Haunted Mansion pillows. I have two that would be amazing. Also any fabric with purple and black designs or black bats would be great. I think there are even websites such as Zazzle and Etsy selling fabric that looks like the Haunted Mansion wallpaper. Add a few Grim Grinning Ghost plush toys from Disney and BAM!


Goosebumps collectors would have probably snagged this calendar up!


Looking to sell an antique bed? What a great way to add humor! I laughed out loud when I saw this. I thought to myself “man this is awesome”. I was tempted to pull the little girl from two booths down into this booth to show her. (don’t worry I didn’t) But, I mean how great is this? Little Red Riding Hood definitely got its “creep on” in the cult classic Trick r’ Treat, also part of my movie collection.


A great find for #Baturday! Don’t ya think?


I think, yes, indeed, this is the creepiest thing I have ever, ever, ever, ever seen in a flea market or antique store. You never know what you will see as you walk from booth to booth. I didn’t look at the price, but I think I’m too scared to add this to my collection. I fully anticipated as I walked away, to turn around, and find it no longer sitting there. I think it might have been real. I am still creeped out.


One Halloween costume, a zombie doctor, was found in a booth I passed. You just never know!


Well, for an unplanned stop, it had great Halloween inspiration. I hope you get out and visit some flea markets and antique stores soon for Halloween ideas, costumes, decorations, and ideas.

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Stay Spooky My Fiends!

Your fiends at Haunt My Town.


all images and text copyright 2018 Haunt My Town



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Me Versus the Evil Dead

I’m getting ready to leave for work. I must hurry. However, I had a dream last night that I felt I should pen before the details leave me mind.

I was making a movie. A horror movie. My fellow cast members and I were headed to the University of Arkansas campus for filming with our boss, the director and fellow actor, Bruce Campbell.

We were all having a grand time and I was interested in some guy in the movie not to mention sporting a giant crush on Mr. Campbell. For some reason a half dozen of us were crammed into the car that Bruce was driving around, a brand new BMW with a huge open moon roof. He pulled right up to campus and put the car in park, ignoring the no parking sign. Everyone got out and started talking while Bruce marched off “to take care of a few things”. Eventually everyone wandered off and left me alone, sitting in the backseat of the car.

Some time passed and I looked up to see two campus policemen a hundred yards away eye-balling the car and commenting how some people with their fancy BMW cars think they can park anywhere and do whatever they want. I knew the shit was about to hit the fan. I tried to look away. Two other patrolmen intercepted the car first, a female officer and her young companion. She came over to the car and said, “hey, you better move your car because they are coming over to give you a ticket”. I replied, “it isn’t my car, can I still move it?”

At this point the other officers had arrived and have joined the conversation and so I tell them who owns the car and what we are all doing there on campus and that I was left alone. They agree to let me go retrieve Bruce to avoid a ticket.

Making my way across campus I end up in the basement of one of the buildings, perhaps the student union. The basement was dimly lit and very industrial. A few people moved about and some undergrad dude started hitting on me. I killed those interests quickly. Someone from our cast showed up and tried to lead me down one hall to get out of there but I refused. “This place looks like a place to find Freddy Kruger”, I replied. Turning around I was following a short, old man down a different hall, but he turned around screamed a roar at me, his face zombified and green. His head looked like the green witch mask from Halloween III, the Season of the Witch. I retreated and ended up outside on campus with more of our cast which included Susan Lucci. We all chatted and I confessed my interest in a fellow cast member and my undying crush on our boss, Bruce Campbell. Others joined in with who they were interested in and finally the group broke up again.

Later, myself and another came across Susan Lucci sitting on a bench. Her blouse was unbuttoned to her waist and it was tied up in a bow revealing her tummy. Her legs were crossed and she was now wearing a shirt mini, flirting with every guy around. We then knew Susan Lucci was going after all the guys we said we were interested in.

I ended up in a house on the edge of campus. A tall pretty girl with long blonde hair had joined our group. I began telling her the story of the entire day and my love for Bruce Campbell when she replies “that’s my dad”. OMG. I repeated over and over my embarrassment and apologies for the story and my crush confession. As she was telling me that it was all okay, we heard a noise outside and walking to the window were shocked to see Bruce intimately walking with Susan Lucci. I had lost. She had done it. Susan Lucci stole Bruce from me. A total Erica Kane move. That’s when I woke up.


Okay, I am typing this on my phone as Mr Haunt My Town drives us to work. I’ll have to review and edit later on the laptop at home.

PS I never expected Bruce Campbell to be a BMW man. More of a mustang girl myself
Pss do real Zombies lurk in the basements of the University of Arkansas?

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A Couple of Flea Market Halloween Finds

Purchased a couple of cool Halloween items at a flea market today. I had actually seen them a few weeks ago, but forgot that this particular place only takes cash. Today I got lucky as they were still available.

1970's ceramic ghost. Missing the jack-o-lantern it should be carrying. Flea market find.

1970’s ceramic ghost. Missing the jack-o-lantern it should be carrying. Flea market find.

The first item is a white, ceramic ghost. I knew it was missing a part. From what I can find, it is a 1970’s Halloween decoration. There should be a ceramic jack-o-lantern on top of his hands and it should all light up. These parts were missing, so the lady gave it to me for $1, rather than the $5 asking price. I didn’t even have to ask!

Titled: Ceramic Pumpkin Candle Holder. No other identifying marks. Flea Market find.

Titled: Ceramic Pumpkin Candle Holder. No other identifying marks. Flea Market find.

The second item is similar to another jack-o-lantern that I already own. The one that I have has a little pot that sits in the top so that when you light a tea light candle, it heats essential oil and fills the air with a nice aroma. The purchase today is just a candle holder. The box shows two faces: happy and angry. The ceramic jack-o-lantern in this box is the angry face. I cannot find any other distinguishing marks on the box or on the ceramic. There was no paperwork inside. I’m just guessing this is an item from the 1980’s. At $2 it didn’t matter as that seemed to be a good deal. I searched online, but cannot find a matching image. If you know this piece, let me know.

Keep it spooky!
Haunt My Town

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Picked Up a Few New Halloween Items at Spirit Halloween Store

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

Picked up a few new items for 2014 Halloween at Spirit Stores Biloxi. We also made a small donation to the #SpiritofChildren charity for hospitalized children to celebrate Halloween. You can get a cool rubber bracelet for your donation.

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

I was lucky to grab this skeleton dude (pictured above) serving food. Will be great for our food table area! He was the last one there, but maybe they will restock.
A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

After years of using the same old window silhouettes, we decided to upgrade with a few newbies and move the old ones to a new location. There were several options, but I tried to stick with the classics like the mummy, the wolfman and Frankenstein’s monster (pictured in their bags below).
A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

If you haven’t signed up yet for the Spirit Halloween Stores updates, do so soon. They have sent us 20% off coupons twice this fall already.

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

At the last minute, my husband saw these car magnets for supporting Halloween! They say not to leave on your car in the hot sun and to clean the surface of the auto each day. Still very cool and may start using this week on the way to work.

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

I didn’t really NEED socks, but I don’t have any knee-highs. They had tons of designs. I plan to wear these to work with my shorts. Yep, I’m gonna make THAT fashion statement. #1 because I’m too old to care #2 because I love Halloween #3 I like to make people laugh.

I’m not working full-time, so on a tighter budget than usual and was happy to escape just $60 out of pocket, thanks to the 20% off friends and family coupon they sent us on email.

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

This ghostly spirit wall décor (above) will be a nice addition to our Haunted Mansion! It looks really cool.

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

A few new purchases from Spirit Halloween Store in Biloxi. Haunt My Town, 2014

We bought another packet of the stretchy, old-looking, grey fabric to help disguise our black plastic walls in the food area. I realize black plastic is rather basic and old school now, but it is much cheaper than the scene setters, plus we already have it! So rather than waste it or dispose of it, we will camouflage the plastic as best we can with secondary layer.

We’re hoping to check out our local-owned store later this week.

For now we will finish watching one of our Roseanne Halloween episodes. CLASSIC!!!

Stay SPOOKY fiends!
Haunt My Town

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Just finished reading: Trick or Treat, a history of Halloween

I really enjoy reading Lisa Morton’s book, Trick or Treat, published in 2012. This was my second year reading it as part of my summer Halloween reading list and she did a wonderful job. Lisa’s book is part of my first list of mostly Halloween historical reads that I delve into each summer.

For more photos of some of my Halloween history books, check out my media drop down menu from the top of the page and select books. 


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