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Product Review: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day ACORN SPICE scent

Today I wanted to give a quick review of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day fall scent: ACORN SPICE. My brain has been on Halloween and fall for a while now. As I am nearly down to one bottle of Mrs. … Continue reading

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Tips for Enjoying a Magical Hallowe’en Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Greetings Halloween Fiends! Here we are at the glorious day 100!! 100 days until Halloween. If you haven’t felt the internal frenzy yet, you probably will soon. I’ve been seeing posts on Twitter about cancelling Halloween. First, let’s be clear: … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Halloween Decor Out Now in Stores 2019

Greetings ghouls! Yesterday Mr. Haunt My Town and I were out and about checking around for any Halloween that is hitting the shelves. With an anticipated surgery coming up on Wednesday, I could think of no better way to relax … Continue reading

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August Halloween Inspired Flea Market Finds

Last minute stop at a few flea markets on the way home threw some Halloween-inspired items my way. Sometimes you have to look closely to find Halloween inspiration, but once you get started, you can find Halloween in all sorts … Continue reading

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Just finished reading: Trick or Treat, a history of Halloween

I really enjoy reading Lisa Morton’s book, Trick or Treat, published in 2012. This was my second year reading it as part of my summer Halloween reading list and she did a wonderful job. Lisa’s book is part of my … Continue reading

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Halloween decor: creepin in, creepin out 2014

Sunday we spent part of the afternoon checking out Halloween decor in a few stores over in Slidell. Although I rarely shop at Kirkland’s or Michaels, they had some great Halloween decor out on the shelves. It’s like being addicted … Continue reading

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Halloween 2013 countdown: 11 days till party, 16 till trick-or-treaters

Whew! We are at 11 days until our 11th annual adult halloween costume party. RSVPs are going S-L-O-W.  It can be really hard when you move to meet folks to invite, especially in a small town. Another challenge is getting … Continue reading

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WITCH Date Will You Choose for 2013 Halloween Party?

It’s time!!! If you haven’t set the date for your 2013 Halloween Party or Gathering, the time is now. For us our most popular day is the Saturday before or of Halloween night. This year we will party on Saturday … Continue reading

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It’s that time again…Halloween Season!

Halloween season is on the brain for many of us who are REALLY into Halloween. We’re the people who think about Halloween pretty much all year round. We plan our parties, yard haunts, and costumes weeks if not months in … Continue reading

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