August Halloween Inspired Flea Market Finds

Last minute stop at a few flea markets on the way home threw some Halloween-inspired items my way.


Sometimes you have to look closely to find Halloween inspiration, but once you get started, you can find Halloween in all sorts of objects. Some need some repair work, re-touching, re-purposing, etc. But when your eyes adjust, you can find Halloween in any booth or corner.


These necklaces were super cool and some were Halloween or horror inspired! Re-purposed images in many cases. Some of the jewelry pieces were metal, some plastic, a great way to add spooky flair to any outfit.


Zak Bagans of the Ghost Adventures program would surely find this doll creepy, as would many.  Dolls in trunks even spookier. I have several upstairs in my guest bedroom.


Any fan of Bruce Campbell and The Evil Dead knows that this deer can be very creepy. You know the minute the sun goes down the mounted deer moves its head, laughs hysterically, and talks. Add some fake eyeballs, vampire teeth, fake blood. Of course, these are expensive! So you need to have some serious cash flow to convert a piece like this just for Halloween. Sadly, that means I’ll probably never have one of these props in my collection. Want to donate one to me? (yes, that is run together purposefully to reduce email trolls).


I have no room for a daybed, but this would be PERFECT if you added some Disney Haunted Mansion pillows. I have two that would be amazing. Also any fabric with purple and black designs or black bats would be great. I think there are even websites such as Zazzle and Etsy selling fabric that looks like the Haunted Mansion wallpaper. Add a few Grim Grinning Ghost plush toys from Disney and BAM!


Goosebumps collectors would have probably snagged this calendar up!


Looking to sell an antique bed? What a great way to add humor! I laughed out loud when I saw this. I thought to myself “man this is awesome”. I was tempted to pull the little girl from two booths down into this booth to show her. (don’t worry I didn’t) But, I mean how great is this? Little Red Riding Hood definitely got its “creep on” in the cult classic Trick r’ Treat, also part of my movie collection.


A great find for #Baturday! Don’t ya think?


I think, yes, indeed, this is the creepiest thing I have ever, ever, ever, ever seen in a flea market or antique store. You never know what you will see as you walk from booth to booth. I didn’t look at the price, but I think I’m too scared to add this to my collection. I fully anticipated as I walked away, to turn around, and find it no longer sitting there. I think it might have been real. I am still creeped out.


One Halloween costume, a zombie doctor, was found in a booth I passed. You just never know!


Well, for an unplanned stop, it had great Halloween inspiration. I hope you get out and visit some flea markets and antique stores soon for Halloween ideas, costumes, decorations, and ideas.

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Stay Spooky My Fiends!

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2 Responses to August Halloween Inspired Flea Market Finds

  1. marion sink says:

    some very cool spooktacular ideas…i have several things here that are very creepy…all yours if you want

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