Haunting Landscape

To create a year-round “haunting” landscape, be sure to have mystery, create intentional limited views, and don’t “open up” your yard or garden. Use sculpture, even pieces that may be broken, rusted, or “seconds”. Look around on the internet or in garden books at historic landscapes, gardens, and homes. What makes them appear creepy?

Be sure to allow some “un-tidy”. A constantly trimmed, pruned or highly maintained lawn and garden leaves nothing to the imagination and impart the idea that the home is constantly inhabited.

Keep large limbs to create “dead trees” at Halloween. Hang fake spider webs and spiders from the branches. Branches can be arched together over walkways to create entrances and drama where natural features are not established.

Illuminate water fountains with water proof solar lights. When entertaining, use blue or green spot lights for up-lighting and down-lighting.

Don’t underestimate the affects of nighttime soundtracks played softly from outdoor speakers.

Remember, a haunting landscape makes better use of subtlety.

All images and text copyright Haunt My Town, 2013

1 Response to Haunting Landscape

  1. marion says:

    the outside of your house looks awesome….wish i was there to enjoy it with you and all your ghoulie friends!!!!!

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