Avid Halloween fans, decorators, party hosts, promoting home haunting, door to door trick or treating, haunted houses & old school Halloween fun for All ages.

The two of us have been hosting adult Halloween parties together for more than 20 years: since 1998! My family hosted several children’s Halloween parties while I was growing up and I hosted a couple in college. Halloween parties have been a part of my life for nearly all of my life.

A few more private details: University of Arkansas alumni (my husband is also a Michigan State Alumni), we are professional horticulturists, garden writers, Parrotheads,  and are we are owned by four (sadly, two in spirit only) miniature dachshunds.

We are into fresh hand-made cocktails, microbrews, wineries, Hawaiiana, antiquing/flea markets, and Disney. Music is nearly always playing in our home. Our favorites include Exotica, Surf Horror, Punk Horror, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Hawaiian, Classic Country, Blues, New Orleans Jazz, etc. We love hiking, kayaking, canoeing, camping and enjoying freshly ground Kona coffee.

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