Trick or Treat (Halloween night)

“Four boys approached our porch. There were approximately 12-14 in age. Some might say a tad too old for trick or treating. But we welcomed everyone. Tough talk and attitude prevailed as they alone approached our door from our dark yard. Three “dummies” we had set up on the porch in various positions among fake spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, straw bales and bats. Dimly lit by blue lights and strobe light and set to tone with spooky sounds. I stood perfectly still, barely breathing and yet so excited. Come closer. Come closer. The largest boy took the lead. As he passed me replying to his friends that it wasn’t scary. I suddenly lurched, reaching out and grabbing him and screaming “boo”. He stumbled backwards into the landscaping exclaiming a string of expletives as one of the “dummies” had come alive. His friends and I had a jolly good laugh. Happy Halloween.”

This is just one of many of our great Halloween home haunting memories.


All images and text copyright Haunt My Town 2013

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