Product Review: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day ACORN SPICE scent

Today I wanted to give a quick review of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day fall scent: ACORN SPICE.

Mrs. Meyer’s Acorn Spice

My brain has been on Halloween and fall for a while now. As I am nearly down to one bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Pumpkin hands soap, I started poking around online for options. I ended up on the Mrs. Meyer’s website. Always looking for a bargain, I compared product and prices with other online stores where I shop. In the end, I purchased several different products of the Acorn Spice fall scent directly from their website. They arrived two days ago!

Eager to try another “fall” type scent, I purchased these now, in July, so that I could be prepared for fall. My favorite fall scent from Mrs. Meyer’s is PUMPKIN. However, for whatever reason, I cannot find M.M. Pumpkin scent anywhere except for a couple of products that I do not need. Although both of these scents are listed as “Limited Edition Scent”, I was really hoping that Pumpkin would become a mainstay. Their Pumpkin scent is one of the only pumpkin scents of ANY product we’ve ever purchased that we felt really got it right. We loved it so much that after my first hand soap arrived, I went online and purchased Pumpkin in many more of the M.M. product line.

Disappointed that I was unable to find what I needed in Pumpkin, I decided to see what else might be offered of a similar vein. I had previously tried Apple Cider, but was disappointed. I kept searching. That’s when I saw ACORN SPICE. The reviews were great. Let’s talk about reviews briefly.

I’ve recently become frustrated in the past year with websites who want you to post reviews for their products, but then only post 5 star reviews. Of course, they don’t tell you that. So, you spend time creating an honest review only to find it never posts, regardless of how many times you submit it, even from different e-mail addresses, including your account e-mail which shows you are a verified buyer. And, they won’t respond as to why your review will not post. Extremely frustrating. At that point you realize the reviews on their site are inflated. Essentially the same as “stuffing the ballot box”. One comment on a website where folks were reporting a problem with a particular company said, “It’s their website, if they don’t want to post negative reviews, that’s their right”. True. However, I have much more respect and confidence in a company and their products if they post nearly every review. Realizing that there are a few nut jobs out there who post negativity that isn’t grounded. I would rather see a 2-star review where the company reached out to “make it right” in some way, then to only read glowing 5-star reviews. Always look for specific information mentioning the product name. A one or two sentence review that is so general you aren’t even sure what they are reviewing should throw a red flag. Especially when it comes to scents and flavors, there must be diversity. Different people appreciate different scents. One person could love it; another hate it. Therefore you should see diversity in the reviews. Be suspicious. Be very suspicious.

That being said. The reviews for Acorn Spice are glowing. There were three reviews that were not 5 star. A 1, 3 and 4. M.M. addressed resolution with the 1 star reviewer. Key words from all were: men’s cologne and strong. Some of the reviewers mentioned their two fall favs of Acorn Spice and Apple Cider.

M.M. describes the new scent as, “Acorn Spice blends the rich, nutty scent of acorn with cinnamon and spices for a perfect air of autumn comfort.”

Based on the reviews and my never ending search of fall and Halloween scented anything, particularly natural products, I purchased hand soap, dish soap, room spray, and multi-surface cleaner. Some of it was priced as a “bundle”. The dish soap was my least desired as a product because M.M. Basil (one of my absolute favorite scents) dish soap is so strongly “perfumy” that we don’t use it to wash anything that comes in contact with food or beverage. I don’t like to throw things out, so I use it to scrub the patio floor and wash out the hand vac and vacuum cleaner components.

M.M. Acorn Spice scented products on my kitchen window sill

So, what’s the poop scoop? Let’s get on with it! Well, ACORN SPICE is a decent scent. However, both my husband and I were disappointed. It is not as fall or woodsy/earthy as I was hoping. I washed my hands with it several times before he got home. Each time trying to breathe it in. Become one with the Acorn Spice. After he got home from work, I asked him to smell it and wash his hands. His first reaction was “perfumy” followed by “a little bit of fall”. I guess because it appears they will not continue Pumpkin, I was hoping there would be more crossover of the two scents. Thus far we have used the hand soap for two days. It does NOT leave me dreaming of Halloween like Pumpkin does. Luckily, I have one more new, unopened Pumpkin hand soap left from my 2020 hoarding.

This morning I used the Acorn Spice multi-surface cleaner to scrub all the washable components of my rechargeable hand vac. It smelled like dirty feet. The vac, not the Acorn Spice. Now, all is scrubbed clean and drying in front of a fan. I went upstairs to shower, and when I returned downstairs, the air was filled with Acorn Spice. It isn’t bad at all. A pleasant scent. I would not get rid of it or return it. Acorn Spice is just not the end all, beat all, fall scent I was hoping it would be.

Would I purchase Acorn Spice scent again? Only if A) it was on sale B) they never brought back Pumpkin

You may LOVE it! Check out all the M.M. Acorn Spice products!

I really hope they bring back Pumpkin in all products. If you like Pumpkin or want to try it, I believe you can find it in a one or two products on the internet. But you better hurry as stock is limited. Whomever put Pumpkin scent together deserves a raise, a hug or at least a high-five, provided they are fully vaccinated, of course.

Stay spooky my fiends!

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