Some of My Favorite Halloween Decor Out Now in Stores 2019

Greetings ghouls!
Yesterday Mr. Haunt My Town and I were out and about checking around for any Halloween that is hitting the shelves.

With an anticipated surgery coming up on Wednesday, I could think of no better way to relax than to become absorbed in the Halloween aisles of a few stores.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I really wish the wolves were plug-in electric, rather than battery operated. Their howl was great. I wonder if anyone who has these will experience anything unusual with their dogs or cats? These props would be great in a cemetery, pet cemetery, or perched near a porch for Halloween (or anytime?).

I was really tempted by the palm reader selections out this year. More than one store has this theme. It would go great in our Haunted Mansion-themed dining room. Perhaps I’ll catch a sale if any remain later in the season?

Specimen jars are a great decor addition. Many of us who are serious about Halloween have been making our own fake jars for years, but now the mass marketing sector has caught on! I’m having surgery this week and pondered getting my parts to go so I could really “one-up” these jars. hee hee hee

Finally, Halloween meets Horticulture in a timeless piece to be added to any gardener’s Halloween decorations. Just looking at it, I keep hearing “Feed me Seymour!!!”.

I love the simplicity of this haunted Halloween scene in muted colors. Great for displaying on your desk, an entryway table, receptionist desk, or a check-out counter. Perhaps even placed on the side table where folks add condiments and lids to their mugs of coffee, cocoa and hot tea. Throw in an extra strand of tiny LED fairy lights in orange or purple for added effect.

Similar to the scene above, this Halloween scene is part of the Martha Stewart Collection. I love  the shadow box effect on the part below, but I’m not wild about the two pieces combined. Individually, I think they are cool. But I mostly love the black and white bottom section.

This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. It was hard to resist Jack Skellington and his little buddy Zero, but somehow I did resist the Nightmare Before Christmas.

I was nearly blown over with excitement when I entered the Halloween aisle at Michael’s to find a wide assortment of “vintage style” Halloween decor. Glitter really isn’t my thing (and isn’t glitter “bad” now?), however, the styles were amazing.

Popping into Books a Million, we were excited to see an entire table devoted to SCARY STORIES, although it wasn’t labeled as Halloween. Mr. Haunt My Town just told me about the upcoming Scary Stories movie this past week.

Say what? I am putting this book on my future buy list. Horticulture meets spooky, again, today. The Night Gardener!

My Halloween heart fell in love with these two pieces as soon as I saw them. To find out which one I purchased, look for an upcoming blog post.

One of these things is not like the other. That’s because we now own one of them. Guess which one? Check out my next blog post for new purchases.

This sounds like the theme of  Halloween ball I’d like to attend!  Would also make a nice theme for a Halloween barn dance too. Ideas? Any takers? Going once. Going twice. Going to the party!

I hope you too are having as much fun as we are checking out the Halloween aisles of your favorite retailers. And for some, all of this decor will sprout ideas for future Halloween DIY projects. If that’s you, Good Luck and Have Fun!


Yours in gloomy darkness,

Haunt My Town


copyright 2019 Haunt My Town @hauntmytown

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