Book Reading/Review: Death Makes a Holiday by David J. Skal

I enjoy reading. I read a lot. This is a gift given to my siblings and me from my parents. They were always reading. We were always reading. Maybe not as much as let’s say, Brick Heck, from ABCs Modern Family (that’s a photo of Brick below). But still…

At any given time I am reading several different kinds of books: typically about Horticulture, the Environment, National Parks, and Halloween.

Featured here is a newly acquired book on Halloween. I purchased this one second-hand from St. Vincent Books on Written by David J. Skal, the book is about the cultural history of Halloween. I can’t wait to dig in! Mr. Skal has another book on Halloween which I hope to acquire when the funds are available. At any time that I have been sent a book to read and review by the author, I will let you know. Otherwise, each book is one that I purchased or was given by a relative or friend.

I don’t mind reading second-hand books. Yard sales, flea markets, library book sales, gifts from a friend, found in a dumpster (and gifted to me), on sale, on clearance, and then sometimes, yes, full price for a new copy, books all find their way into my small hands.

I will be updating this post when I have finished the book. So stay tuned! Sign up for blog notices (don’t worry I don’t post very often so I won’t be filling up your inbox). Follow me on Twitter and share with your friends. The link to our social media including the Facebook Fan Page is at the top of the website. Our Twitter feed should automatically show up in FB, but sometimes I find it does not post everything.

For the last year or two my Halloween reading has slowed as I am working on my own book and I do not like to be affected by others work for fear of copying ideas or having them influence me. However, we all know, as artists, musicians, authors, we are always influenced by other artists and as artists we build on one another and build each other up.

And, yes, that’s right, I’m still working on my own book. So more news on that later! Connect with us to find out updates about my Halloween book.

Stay Fiendish My Fiends!
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