Halloween 2013 countdown: 11 days till party, 16 till trick-or-treaters

Whew! We are at 11 days until our 11th annual adult halloween costume party. RSVPs are going S-L-O-W.  It can be really hard when you move to meet folks to invite, especially in a small town. Another challenge is getting folks to RSVP so that you have an idea how to plan. After hosting parties in four states, we can hope that after another year we may build our guest list/attendees. This year we again used multiple invitation methods: email, Evite, and hand-made by US Mail. Overall it seems that unless you have a very tight and enthusiastic group of invitees, you can expect about 1/2 of those you invite to attend.


We have again stuck to an adult-only party. We do not have our home or outdoor party area setup to accommodate children. Plus, we want adults to feel at ease and not have to alter their language or behavior because “little pitchers”. Costumes and games may have adult-themes and of course there will be adult beverages consumed. While our music playlist has a wide range of genres, there are some songs inappropriate for children’s ears. There have been “babes in arms” at least once, and older children of 12-16 a couple of times, and it worked okay, but the party was not advertised that way. As a party host, you really shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting an adult-only party. That’s what babysitters are for, whether they be grandpa and grandma, auntie/unkie, a schoolmates parent’s, or the girl down the street. Sure, you may lose a few guests who can’t stand the thought of a few hours alone without their progeny, but that’s okay.

We are also 16 days out until HALLOWEEN NIGHT! This year we stuck a sign at our mailbox that beckons trick-or-treaters. (view the sign on this website) We may move it out to the road/highway intersection a day before Halloween (we don’t want it to get stolen!) Our neighborhood is off of the more highly traveled rural highway. So far we have received 0 trick-or-treaters for the two years here. HIGHLY disappointing.  Have you ever “advertised” your house for trick-or-treaters? Successful? We also promote our home for trick-or-treaters in our invitations, so that parents can know to bring their kids or costumed pets by on Halloween night.

As far as decorating goes, we’re about half way, maybe 70% of the way, if you don’t include the new props and decor I intended to create but have not had the time.  Of course, its easier to be motivated when you know someone other than you will enjoy it (guests or TOTs). There are also several things I cannot do until I know the extended forecast; in other words, items which cannot get wet at all or can’t withstand high winds. This weekend will be a big push and there are still about 1/2 the guests who have not yet RSVP’d.

If you are looking for a fun, private, invitation-only, outdoor adult costume party (no smoking) to attend this season along the MS Gulf Coast/New Orleans region, send us a PM with your complete contact information (incl address) and why you love Halloween to hauntmytown@gmail.com. Two lucky responses will be chosen!

For Home Haunters and Halloween Party Hosts, the time is nigh. Good luck everyone and best “witches”!!!!!

All images and text copyright Haunt My Town, 2013

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Inspiring, motivating, and sharing Halloween decorating and home haunting in your town. Avid Halloween fans, decorators, party hosts, promoting home haunting, door to door trick or treating, haunted houses & old school Halloween fun for All ages.
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