You Need It. You Want It. It’s So Hard To Get: the RSVP.

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You Need It. You Want It. It’s So Hard To Get: the RSVP.

Wow. Something so simple.

The Learner’s Dictionary defines RSVP as: please reply — used on invitations to ask the invited guests to indicate whether they will be able to attend ◊RSVP comes from the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît.”

How often have you sent an invitation for anything and requested RSVP and never heard from some of the guests? Even after a reminder? Sadly it happens more often that we care to admit.

“I thought I only had to tell you if we were coming.” I’ve heard that excuse before. Okay, maybe some can plead ignorance. In other words, they really didn’t know what RSVP stood for when the received your invitation.

I have went so far as to follow RSVP with the words (yes, no or maybe) for many years. Still there are some who don’t respond.

“Please RSVP (yes, no, or maybe) by October 15.”

Perhaps the guest has very poor social skills.

Have you ever had guests who never RSVP’d but showed up at your party?

I have even tried saying that only guests who have RSVP’d “yes or maybe” will receive further updates/cancellation notices, etc.

Not only is it rude not to RSVP, it’s a planning nightmare for the host/hostess.


When you receive an invitation that says RSVP, kindly and promptly let them know if you can or can not make the party. If you select “maybe”, then when you know for sure, let them know.

As a hostess of many parties (not just Halloween) over the years, I can tell you that not only is there a considerable amount of time in the planning, there is also money spent on decorations, games, prizes, etc. I also have to account for parking, seating, and the amount of food and drink to prepare or request. The amount of yard/garden we decorate depends on the expected attendance. When there is a chance of inclement weather, I have to decide if the amount of guests who plan to attend will fit comfortably in my home or decorated garage.

I always give guests the option to send their RSVP via mail, email, telephone, or in person and for many years as a response on EVITE. That means someone has 5 different ways they can let me know. Evite easily tracks RSVPs and allows guests to update their RSVP. Rarely, rarely, rarely does anyone rsvp via telephone or mail for our parties. Most of the RSVP’s I receive are via email, in person or via Evite.

I try to give guests an idea of the amount of work we put into our Halloween parties- decorating and planning for 2-3 months in advance.

Planning a party can be a ton of fun, but guests who do not RSVP make it much more of a stressful chore than it needs to be.

Good luck getting RSVP’s from your guest. If you receive an invitation requesting RSVP, please do! Your host/hostess needs it!

6a00d8341c479753ef01053531b366970b-800wiI’m including this guy on the back of my 2013 invitations.  I found the old image online.

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