Adult Halloween Party “Guest List” Dilemmas

Okay, so you’ve decided to have a Halloween party this year. Congratulations!
You’ve even selected your date. Whoo hoo!
You’re completely excited and ready to work on invitations and details.
Then it happens.
You start thinking about “The Guest List.”

For some who live in a perfect world with awesome co-workers, neighbors and family members, you may only have to decide if you will limit your attendance. Proceed and enjoy. For everyone else, read on.

You close your eyes, squench your face and put your hand to your head.
What do you do about inviting or not inviting people you really don’t want in your home?

For some its as easy as, “Just be nice and invite everyone and those that aren’t close to you won’t show up anyway.” Not always true!

Many folks don’t realize the intensive planning that goes into a good party and the guest list is one thing that gives people some trouble.

For example, you work in an office or at a job where there are those people you don’t want to invite to your party, let alone having the opportunity to wander through your home- your personal, private space. How do you invite some without the rest finding out?

You invite some co-workers and there is the one person who will walk up to you in front of someone who is NOT invited by intention and say to you “boy, I can’t wait to come to your party, I’m super excited”. Meanwhile you are trying to make your eyes big and purse your lips to give them the idea “hey buddy shut the hell up!”. Now you have to deal with the awkwardness. Invite them after-the-fact? Explain its not a work party but if they would like an invitation you can send them one (and hope they don’t take you up on it).

And nearly always there is the question of whether or not to invite the BOSS. Even if you like your boss, others at the party may not feel relaxed or willing to cut loose if the boss is around. In general, I think most bosses understand when their employees don’t invite them. Though it might sting a bit.

And if you ARE the BOSS, then do you invite all of your employees? Even the ones who’ve tried to cause trouble or have your job? Do you really want those kind of guests in your home knowing they may stab you in the back the next week or look for fodder for their next attempt to push you out of your job?

Inviting your neighbors may be just out of courtesy or maybe you do get along. But do you invite them all? Just the ones who live next door? Do you invite them just so they are aware of increased traffic and noise the night of your party knowing they will not attend? Do you invite the neighbor who never picks up after his dog shits in your yard or who allows her cats to roam the neighborhood reeking havoc? The neighbor who mows on your property, allows their kids to run amok in everyone’s yard or hosts obnoxious parties every weekend? Ya see? Not so simple.

As far as family goes, well, that’s a bit harder. I think you are pretty much obligated to invite those in the area if you are inviting over more than one or two family members, but you can usually find one or two trusted family members to help you monitor family members who get out of control.

Many of these guest list dilemmas apply to any kind of home party. I don’t think there are easy answers.

When it comes to fellow employees, you can also state on your invitations, “This is not a work-related party and the party is invitation only. Discretion requested. Guest list is available by request.” Online EVITE can make this a bit easier by giving you an option to allows invitees to see the GUEST LIST. Then they can see who is and who is NOT invited. Invitations sent by Email can also allow folks to see who is invited.

You can also set parameters which may weed-out some folks. For example, excluding children, having a late start time, requiring a costume, emphasizing the party is not for those easily offended, emphasizing that alcohol will or will not be available/allowed, stating that smoking is not allowed. Hell we don’t wear shoes in our home and so if folks don’t want to take their shoes off or use shoe-covers, then they stick to outside activities.

You can also send a Save the Date and ask folks to confirm if they would like to receive an invitation.

If you have had good results dealing with adult Halloween party guest list dilemmas, please share them below. Let us know what worked and what didn’t.


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1 Response to Adult Halloween Party “Guest List” Dilemmas

  1. marion says:

    uf there are some of your co workers you want to invite,,,then just let everyone know that there is only a limited number of guests that you can accomodate, and that if certain people didnt get an invite then they will be remembered at the next party you have, of course then you have to come up with another excuse for next year. But i think that most people that do not get invited pretty much know that there are not the best of feelings between you, eventually they will get the hint if they dont already know. Of course family is different you have to invite them after all they are family and you have to keep good feelings all around there. But remember that the smaller parties usually end up being the best ones, sometimes even just 2 or 3 couples, more time to spend with each one and really get to talking and laughing and enjoying each other…..have a hauntingly good time.

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