It’s that time again…Halloween Season!

Halloween season is on the brain for many of us who are REALLY into Halloween.

We’re the people who think about Halloween pretty much all year round. We plan our parties, yard haunts, and costumes weeks if not months in advance.

We look forward to shrieks and screams, laughs and surprises from guests and trick or treaters. That motivates us to spend crazy amounts of free time preparing for each new Halloween season.

So now with the intense heat of August upon us, we being a countdown to the first day of fall on Sunday September 22, 2013 and to Halloween on October 31, 2013.

Let the fun begin and stay tuned!

Haunt My Town

PicayuneFall2012 073 copy

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About Haunt My Town

Inspiring, motivating, and sharing Halloween decorating and home haunting in your town. Avid Halloween fans, decorators, party hosts, promoting home haunting, door to door trick or treating, haunted houses & old school Halloween fun for All ages. Halloween parties, music, cocktails. Horror Writers Association Member.
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